Why should you partner with Catapult? Because we work the web to your advantage.

Catapult is only as good as the results we generate for you. That is why you are our Number 1 priority.

We started Catapult in 2006 to help businesses get found online. We recognized the importance of an often overlooked insight: Make it easy for your audience to find you, and they’re more likely to become customers. Since then, we’ve found new ways to use your marketing budget more efficiently, squeezing the most out of every dollar while generating quality leads. Great digital marketing is relevant, responsive and results-driven, and so are we. We practice what we preach, and we’d like the chance to prove it to you.

Your goals are our goals.

We’re a small team of creative dreamers, forward thinkers, problem solvers, technology junkies and chatter boxes. What do we all have in common? Commitment to your business’ success. A partnership with us is like having your own in-house marketing team. We’re well-versed in your individual products and services. We understand the strengths of your company as well as the opportunities present in your unique marketplace. We respect and value your input to help us set clear, measurable objectives. Want increased business, more new clients, or better online reviews? Whatever your business goals, Catapult can achieve them.

We’ll never leave you hanging.

Digital marketing isn’t a one-step process. It takes research, planning and hard work to execute. But we don’t stop there. Management and support is part of the package at Catapult. We don’t stop when the project is finished because that’s not where marketing your business ends. Once your website is launched, we’ll keep in touch to make updates, changes and see how you’re doing as your business grows. Whether you need a small mobile website or an annual marketing strategy integrated across multiple mediums, our full attention and resources are just a phone call or e-mail away.

Our work is driven by your results.

We want to earn your business, and we know that our work is only as good as your results. That’s why we back up our creative marketing choices with hard numbers and measurable data. We can show you the direct results from every digital marketing piece we put into place. By incorporating data analysis, we can pinpoint your audience and reach them at exactly the right time with exactly the right message. We can lead your customer directly to your product with no wasted effort, getting you the most bang for of your marketing buck.

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