Motivation Monday: Dare to Fail

Failure. To most of us this is a terrifying word, both in life and in business. Whether it’s the repercussions that come with failures or the possible embarrassment, there are many reasons to play it safe to avoid failure. But for today’s #motivationalmonday, we want to challenge you to fail.

If you dare to fail you may be surprised at the success that comes from your fearless attitude. Trying something different or something not 100 percent guaranteed can turn your good work into something great or allow you to discover something altogether new.

The best business successes didn’t become prosperous by playing it safe. They pushed the envelope and tried new and unguaranteed things. You may be surprised at how much you actually accomplish when you dare to fail.

Motivation Monday: Don’t Wait for Opportunity. Create It.

You’ve seen it in the movies. Someone of status spots an up and coming business and bestows the opportunity of a lifetime to the company. This fantastical scenario emphasizes the one in a million deal but scenario is not grounded in reality. As a company, sitting and waiting to be jump-started by a rich beneficiary can harm you more than help. An idle business does not sell products, pay bills, or grow.

However, that does not mean your ideas are unworthy of notoriety; it just takes a considerable amount of effort to make a mark in your field. Explore new venues and roads to expand your business by networking with old and new businesses or applying for a loan that can rocket your ideas into fruition. If there is not a path available, or even a clear place to start, create your own. New opportunities can give you an area to pioneer and allow you to find your niche in the corporate circle.

Motivation Monday: It Seems Impossible Until it’s Done

It’s that voice inside your head saying that you can’t do it. You will never get that promotion. That client will never pick you. It’s impossible to succeed in this crazy, fast-moving and super competitive world. It’s that evil voice of doubt telling you that success is impossible.

Nearly everyone has doubts in business and in life. What’s important is not letting these doubts dictate the choices you make. Every step of the way may feel like a failure, but when the project is done or when the client is secured, you will realize the impossible wasn’t quite as impossible as you originally thought. The work may seem stressful at times and completely unmanageable, but if you keep pushing through, success is sure to follow. And if it doesn’t, that only gives you more chances to learn from your failures.

So on this #motivationmonday remember that nothing is truly impossible. Keep pushing through and you will see how many great things you can do. It may seem impossible now, but just wait until it’s done!

Continuous Improvement is Better than Delayed Perfection

While the goal of doing things right the first time is admirable, this level of perfectionism can often mean that projects never get launched. Companies are often reluctant of launching a project that is not their best work. They are concerned with questions like “What if the project doesn’t get the expected results? How will it affect the company if it is not the best work?”

While it’s important to consider these questions, not acting and waiting for perfection may lead to a worse alternative. Halting the operation of a project or refusing to show the results means there is nothing to present. When there is nothing to show, a company’s honor and reputation is tarnished by an absence of action. Trial and error is a healthy part of a growing company. If something is not perfect, tweak it as you go. This constant improvement to a presentation or launch of a project is a vastly acceptable alternative than overdue work.

Don’t worry about being perfect. You can always improve upon what you present. It is better to deliver your best effort within the time allotted than to deliver perfection late.

Motivation Monday: Success Takes Care of Itself

Team work is a crucial element of the workplace. Not many people have the pleasure of working for or by themselves, so they have to work with others in their professional environment. To ensure that everything runs efficiently and performs optimally it is imperative that everyone works together. If everyone works together and focuses on completing the tasks at hand then success is inevitable.

Success doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will move exactly the way that you plan. Success means that no matter the situation you all work toward something tangible that benefits your business, such as finally completing a big project. Don’t worry so much about making what you do successful this #motivationmonday. Instead focus on accomplishing what is necessary with your team, and success is sure to follow.

Motivation Monday: Success is No Loss of Enthusiasm

As humans, we fail. A lot. We often let our failures determine our views on future success, and it can imprison and prevent us from discovering our true potential. The reality of it is, success is nothing but preparation and determination to be one step ahead of failure, as the margin between the two is very slim. The significance lies in understanding that purpose and passion for what you do will always outweigh failure, but only if you choose to see it that way.

In our professional lives, we are inevitably surrounded by failures day in and day out. We lose a valuable client due to a personal mistake, or let a prized contract slip through our grasp. On this #motivationmonday, keep your chin up, and realize that you are going to fail from time to time. Don’t let these mistakes define your limitations. Instead, use them as a platform to learn and recognize how to best approach the same situation in the future. After all, we learn far more from our failure than we could hope to learn from our success.

Motivation Monday: Opportunity Lies in Difficulty

No matter what we do in life or how carefully we lay our plans, sometimes things get a little bit difficult. Whether it is in life or in business things may not go exactly the way you want them to and as a result you become frustrated and lose the desire to keep working. This #motivationmonday, we are here to tell you to keep working and not to lose faith.

Difficulty provides you with the opportunity to learn and grow. On a personal level not only will you learn what steps to take to make things easier, but you will also learn a great deal about yourself. Who you are when things get rough says a lot about you as a person. Seeing that person may inspire you to make some changes and maybe change your outlook as well, if you aren’t exactly pleased with what you see. On a professional level, these difficulties will help you learn what needs to be changed among your business, and result in your business improving.

Try to remember when difficult times arise that something positive will come out of the situation. Don’t lose your faith and keep pushing through your difficulties in your life and in your work.

Motivation Monday: Go for the Great

Too often in our personal and professional lives, we seek the comfort of stability and repetition. While these are certainly not negative aspects of life by any means, they can often hinder us from knowing what we are truly capable of achieving. We respect the work and effort we’ve had to put in to get us to this point in our lives, so why chance losing that success over something that isn’t a guarantee?

Because it’s worth it. Life has a funny way of showing us that it always sorts itself out one way or another. Sometimes it’s not about making the right decision, but rather about making a decision and then making it right. This certainly doesn’t mean making an uninformed, impulsive decision is the way to find something better. The key lies in not being afraid to chase better, even though the illusion of good seems to be enough at the moment.

On this #motivationmonday, go for the great. Pursue that daunting client, or seek out that dream position. Let go of that restricting mindset of constancy and chase after what truly brings you joy. In the end, you will be a happier person in all aspects of your life, and you may even surprise yourself with what you are capable of along the way.