Pointe Coupee Parish Library

Based in New Roads, LA, Pointe Coupee Parish Library’s mission is to provide multiple resources and learning opportunities for people of all ages. Since its doors opened, the library has been one of the most cherished places in Pointe Coupee Parish. Their foundation lies on culture, dedication, sacrifice and generosity. The library has continued to build on this foundation and become a valuable part of the community.

Reflecting their journey and growth in the community:

Just as Pointe Coupee Parish Library’s readers grow from the books they read, the library has grown with them. We wanted their refreshed brand and website to demonstrate their growth, not only their growth with developing technologies and resources, but also the tremendous growth they’ve provided for the community.

    How we helped Pointe Coupee Parish Library:
  • Refreshed their brand

  • Developed a responsive website