Adobe Creative Suite 6: Is it worth it?

Adobe, leader in creative design software, has announced the release of their newest update, Creative Suite 6. We took a look into the new features to see if it will really live up to the hype.

Behold the “Creative Cloud”

Adobe’s biggest selling point is the introduction of their “Creative Cloud.” With trends of cloud computing popping up everywhere this is to no surprise to introduce. Adobe presents this feature as a way to easily integrate all creative work done over their various software platforms. This will allow designers to work on projects on everything from tablets to smartphones and easily upload to a cloud to retrieve on their desktop. It will also make it easier to share files with colleagues. At what price does this creative cloud computing come at though?

Aside from the great “Creative Cloud” Adobe has some great new features that make their platforms easier to use and new effects.

Adobe & HTML5

Along with updates to its more popular programs Adobe is introduction two new platforms designed to make it easier to design and deploy without hand-coding and using the new form of code, HTML5. This code has been gaining popularity since last year and may be a trend to watch in the coming years. Adobe has hoped on the adaption train presenting Muse and Edge. Both programs allow you to design a website while the program does the coding for you. With Muse those who work with mainly InDesign or Illustrator will easily be able to transform their layouts into working websites free of the coding process. Edge on the other hand has the same basic concept, but is used for more interactive websites. Also, it allows you to still implement personal JavaScript and Flash coding if desired. We love the idea of Muse and Edge, but will this take away from the knowledge of designers and programmers need to know? Understanding all forms of code and how to work with them is imperative in this industry even if there is a program that supposedly handles it for you.

The Catch

Any and every designer knows that the biggest downfall of Adobe’s Creative Suites is the price. Which is usually an outrageous figure, but hard to avoid since in all honesty they have the best software out. With their new pricing scheme they plan to deploy with CS6 we wonder is it actually worth it?

Below is how Adobe plans to price out CS6 highlighting its cloud service.

It is clear Adobe is attempting to sway the customers into their cloud computing services making the “Creative Cloud” seem like the most bang for your buck, but here are a few things to consider when deciding if you REALLY need to have this.

  1. Number of employees – If your firm has one person designated for all of the creative work do their really need to share files with anyone else in the company?
  2. Experience versus New Features – if you are a designer or developer with years of experience you have seen Adobe’s Creative Suite transform before your eyes. Take time to evaluate all of the new features and determine are they really that beneficial to you? Or is your current process working just fine for you?
  3. Cost – There is no doubt evaluating the cost to determine if it is in your budget. Don’t stretch out your budget to get Adobe’s cloud computing unless you are absolutely sure it will make your work easier and create a smoother work flow process.


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