Ascension Medical Clinic


Dr. Steven Holmes and his staff at Ascension Medical Clinic have served the Gonzales and Greater Baton Rouge area for over 10 years.  The Ascension Medical Clinic specializes in occupational and preventative medicine. Dr. Holmes, who has practiced occupational medicine since 1990, and his staff have an overall passion and awareness of what they do and how imperative it is to the community.

Just last year they came to Drift in hope to revamp their presence on the web. We were excited to take on the project and create a new look and overall presence for them. In the end we created a website, mobile site, branded Facebook and all of the inter working such as SEO and copywriting for them. This gave them a fresh new web presence that will be sure to give them more visibility among the Greater Baton Rouge area.



Take a look at the final products:





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