Beat the Heat with a Summer Dress Code

The Perks of Relaxing Dress Codes for the Summer

Summer is the time for relaxing and having fun. While most of us still have work during the summer, allowing a casual summer dress code during the hot months will give everyone a vacation from professional dress. Here is how relaxing your dress code for the summer can benefit both your company and your employees.

Free PerkSummer Dress Code at Work

Allowing your employees to dress casually during the summer costs nothing. It is a free perk that you can express to potential employees, and it may be something that your competition is not yet doing. Casual dress is a treat for yourself and your workers, and it shows your company appreciates its employees.

A relaxed summer dress code will also appeal to potential clients that prefer to not wear professional dress. The temporary dress code should reflect what the company thinks is appropriate though. For example, if a company usually requires suits for work, it may consider changing the code during the summer to slacks and modest dresses. If a company requires khakis and a collared, button-down shirt, it can consider changing the code to jeans and a clean polo or blouse.

Beat the Heat

Summer in the South is rough. Heat and humidity can turn the shortest commute from the parking lot to the front door into an uncomfortably sweaty situation. Allowing your employees to wear more breathable clothes such as cotton shirts, pants, and dresses keeps them comfortable and less sweaty.

Saving Money

Professional clothes are expensive to buy and maintain. Having to hand wash or pick up your dry-cleaning is the last thing someone wants to do after a long day at work. During the summer, everyone’s clothes are more susceptible to sweat and makeup stains. Being able to wear more casual clothes saves you and your employees time and money, both in the morning and when doing laundry. Any money saved can be put into a vacation fund or used for a night out with family or friends.

Express through DressSummer Dress Code

Being able to wear the clothes your employees and yourself like or feel comfortable in allows self-expression and express individual style. Having everyone dress more comfortable than normal can increase communication between employees and teams as well. If two people in your office are wearing LSU polos then those two employees have an opportunity to bond over the common interest.

There are many reasons to adopt a summer dress code for your workplace, from the economic benefit to being comfortable during the summer heat. Casual dress changes up the office environment. If you’re considering starting a summer dress code, think about what will work best for your company and what will benefit your hard-working employees.


Samantha Territo is attending school at Louisiana State University studying in mass communication specializing in digital advertising with a minor in business administration. She loves coffee, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and veggie pizza.

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