Bing Ads Campaign Management for More and Better Leads

A Microsoft Advertising campaign (formerly known as Bing Ads) can help you reach millions of searchers and get you more bang for your buck. Face it, market oversaturation is a thing (we’re looking at you, Google), and when that happens, it is harder to compete. When you partner with Catapult for your Microsoft Advertising campaigns, we help you stand out from the crowd even more than you ever thought possible. Start getting more leads for fewer dollars spent with a Microsoft Advertising campaign built by the Bing Ads Accredited Professionals at Catapult.

Bing Ads or Microsoft Advertising Campaign Setup and Management

It’s not easy getting your business the attention it deserves on your own, but that’s why we’re here – to help your business get the leads, calls, sales, or downloads it needs. Our Microsoft Advertising ad experts sit down with you to discover what your goals are, then we set up a campaign and knock it out of the park.

We manage and optimize your campaign on a weekly basis because that’s what it takes to keep your audiences’ attention. If anyone tells you otherwise and that once-a-month management is plenty, we suggest you run in the other direction. Microsoft Advertising campaign management is not a joke, and we aren’t laughing. Our certified advertisers take your campaign seriously. It’s your money and your success on the line. We get you real return on investment with research, testing, tracking, and optimization.

Real, Proven Results from Your Microsoft Advertising Campaigns

We don’t just talk the talk, and we don’t expect you to just “take our word for it.” We prove your return on investment with tracking and reporting. You’ll know where your money is going and what conversions you’re receiving as a result. There’s no hiding when it comes to the numbers, and we lay it all on the line because we believe in transparency. It’s simple, if we’re doing our jobs correctly, then there’s nothing to hide. Whether you want more people to buy your exclusive product or you want more calls coming to your phones, we’ll set you up for success.