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Be a Leader In your Industry
with Blogging and Inbound Marketing

Blogging & Inbound Marketing

You want to be a leader in your industry? You want to show up as number one in organic search? How about be the go-to for customers? It’s time to start using inbound marketing to your advantage, building up your blogs, and continuing through your white paper.

Here at Catapult, we take blogging and inbound marketing seriously. We aren’t some random people in coffee shops typing on computers. We’re serious marketers who craft targeted content to put you in front of your audience – all seemingly natural. 

That’s right, the mark of a good copywriter is the ability to combine SEO and content creation to a point where customers find your blogs naturally and get hooked on your company.

Laptop with professional blog post on the screen

Make an Impact on Your Website Ranking

We scout out your industry and hone in on key search terms so we can write you to the top of search results. And while we do drink coffee, we do so only for the caffeine – not to look deep and brooding. Then with the right keywords, market research, and amount of caffeine, we craft your blogs and inbound marketing content for maximum impact in your market.

Seems easier said than done, but our writers are the best of the best. They adapt to your industry’s lingo, match your brand’s tone, and appeal to your target audience all while getting ranked on the search engines. 

Pretty cool, right?

Consistency Counts Every Time

We write your business’s content on a schedule that is consistent and encourages search engines to index your site regularly. No matter what your customers search for, you’ll appear in front of their eyes and become the go-to for the product or service you provide.

It’s time to improve your organic search, become a leader your industry, and sell more than ever before. Call us at Catapult in Baton Rouge today and ask what blogging and inbound marketing can do for your business.