Continuous Improvement is Better than Delayed Perfection

While the goal of doing things right the first time is admirable, this level of perfectionism can often mean that projects never get launched. Companies are often reluctant of launching a project that is not their best work. They are concerned with questions like “What if the project doesn’t get the expected results? How will it affect the company if it is not the best work?”

While it’s important to consider these questions, not acting and waiting for perfection may lead to a worse alternative. Halting the operation of a project or refusing to show the results means there is nothing to present. When there is nothing to show, a company’s honor and reputation is tarnished by an absence of action. Trial and error is a healthy part of a growing company. If something is not perfect, tweak it as you go. This constant improvement to a presentation or launch of a project is a vastly acceptable alternative than overdue work.

Don’t worry about being perfect. You can always improve upon what you present. It is better to deliver your best effort within the time allotted than to deliver perfection late.

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