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Drift Welcomes Service Rentals, Inc.

Not too long ago we received a call from Jon Baldwin at Service Rentals, Inc. He was in the market for a new website. His business, supplying turnkey emergency response solutions and industrial tents, had outgrown his old site. He used his original build in two parts: the first was the main part of the site, but many links took the viewer into a different website, that he had built himself in order to keep updated information available to his viewers.

Jon wanted his new site to reflect his industry, as well as layout his two different services into manageable sections in order to better target his market. He was also very concerned with SEO. He hadn’t gotten a lot of web traffic with his previous site and wanted to make sure that was a primary focus. We got together and broke out the two main services, Emergency Response Solutions and Industrial Tent Rentals, From there, we broke down the individual services that is involved with each one, resulting in a deep site that helps with SEO results.

The Emergency Response work Service Rentals provides is amazing! They are able to set up entire command centers, living quarters, catering, shower stations, bathroom facilities and power stations within 24-48 hours for literally hundreds of response workers. Trust me, I’ve seen the pictures and to know that those are set up that quickly is jaw-dropping. Since they own all of their own equipment and provide all of the manpower, they are able to respond to disasters, like the earthquake that just hit Haiti, quickly and efficiently. Just take a look at their site for more info and images.

Regarding Industrial Tent rentals, they are just as cool. Huge tents, used mainly for lunch events are erected and managed. They also offer other tents for storage, even for shelters.

Service Rentals, Inc. Redesign
Service Rentals, Inc. Redesign

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