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EPCNOLA joins Drift!

Powder Coating. We had no idea what it was when we spoke with Vincent Fabro, owner of Extreme Powder Coating of New Orleans. Turns out, it is pretty cool.

Powder coating is the next wave of painting technology. It can (and is) applied to hundreds thousands of everyday items, plus some really big ones too. It actually binds the paint to the item, making it more rust and flake resistant and is much more environmentally friendly than traditional paint methods. See? Pretty cool.

So when we spoke to Vincent about creating a website to showcase his work and services, we were dismayed to hear that he’d had some bad experiences with design companies in the past. Nevertheless, he decided to see what we could do.

It took a little revising, but we were able to hit the nail on the head when it came to his site. He wanted a smooth, modern look that showed off the many options powder coating can provide. From everyday metal furniture, to industrial work to custom car/boat/motorcycle paint he is able to cater to a variety of people.

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