Geauxing Places now online!

I have to say, I really enjoyed building this site. Mostly because of the cool people at Geauxing Places, and mostly because of all the cool places they’ve been!

Geauxing Places approached us about building a website for them. They are a travel agency located in Denham Springs (right by the Whistle Stop Cafe on Range) and, quite simply, they want to make your travel experience easy and fun. They needed a website that captured their unique outlook on their business: vacations are supposed to be fun, not work! We opted for a site that lists out many of their different options, as well as a blog, so their viewers can keep up to date with travel tips, specials, and their own team’s travel adventures.

We wanted the website to reflect the main question they got asked, which is “why do I need a travel agent?” The answer is simple. Travel agents are able to arrange for each facet of your vacation, be it travel to and from the airport, the vacation itself, excursions, entertainment, dining or lodging. They take the work out of planning a vacation and allow you to enjoy your time away. Also, they often act on your behalf with the vendors you are booked with, so if something does go wrong, they are working towards a solution on your behalf.

Consider calling them the next time you have to travel, even for business. They gave this designer a great tip on where to stay when I flew out of New Orleans on a 6:00am flight. It saved me from waking up at 3:00 am to drive to New Orleans, pay for parking at the airport and play the waiting game for two hours. Not bad at all!


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