With so many competitors out there, it can be tough to reach your target audience on Google search pages. Notably, just 2% of all advertisers generate 50% of all ad revenue.

As a Google Partner, Catapult is certified to build effective ad campaigns that work for your business, on both a local and national level.

Analytics and Conversion Tracking

On top of managing and optimizing your AdWords campaign, we provide analytics and conversion tracking to let you see your return on investment for yourself. No tricks, no puffery. That’s how confident we are in our PPC specialists to generate quality leads for your business while staying within your set monthly budget.

So whether you want us to take over your current Google Ad campaign or would like to begin one, Catapult will set you up for success.

We have the research tools and capability to optimize your ads for:

  • Behavioral Remarketing
  • Google Display Networks
  • Lead Tracking
  • Audience Insights and Targeting
  • Industry-Related Comprehension
  • Auction Insights

Experiments and Split Testing

No two ad campaigns are ever alike, which is why we take the extra step in finding what works best for your business using the A/B split testing method. A/B split testing, location observation, keyword analysis, and ad group variations are all conducted to ensure your ads are at the top of the search page without breaking the bank.