How to Bond with Your Coworkers

Every day at work you’re surrounded by coworkers, but do you really know anything beyond what’s on their name tag?

To help you dive past the name tag knowledge and more into relationship building, we’re going to give you some advice on how you can build deeper relationships with your co-workers. Not only will you develop relationships with the people you spend majority of your day with, but you could increase your work productivity and help make your workplace a healthier and more successful environment.


1. Take a co-worker to lunch: And no, we’re not talking about taking your best friend in the office to lunch. Invite a co-worker that you don’t know that well. Break down the cubical walls that define your relationship and get to know your co-worker as more than just your co-worker. You’ll be surprised what doors an hour lunch will open for you and your new office pal.


2. Organize an office party: Ditch the spread sheets and work clothes and invite all your office pals over for a BBQ, wine night or crawfish boil. Getting everyone out of “employee/co-worker mode” and into “regular person mode” will open up avenues for developing deeper relationships. You’ll get to engage with your co-workers in a relaxed environment, have fun and create memories together.


3. Listen: That’s right, just listen. We spend so much time thinking about what we’re doing and how our day is going that sometimes we might forget to ask how someone else is doing. [Tweet “Stopping in and saying a quick hello to a co-worker could potentially change their day. “] If they begin talking about their bad day after you asked how they were doing, just listen. You listening could change their day for the better, and open up new avenues for your relationship. You might learn something about your co-worker that you didn’t know. And guess what, next time you need a mid-day venting session, you’ll have a co-worker that might just be the listener you need to alleviate your frustration.

So, how can these small tips result in a more successful you? Well, by engaging with co-workers you can develop stronger relationships, which can lead to a friendlier environment. And, a friendly environment is a happy environment. If you’ve got happy co-workers, you better believe they’ll be more likely to be productive, and more likely to help you, their new “office pal,” with any daunting tasks you need help with.

By doing these small things every day, you can transform your workplace. Not only will you gain success with your peers, but also success within your company. Be the employee that’s the catalyst for a happier, healthier and more productive office work space.

So go ahead, knock down the walls of your co-workers cubicle and go grab some lunch.



Kaleigh Dickson graduated with her master’s in Mass Communication from LSU in May 2015. Kaleigh was a former LSU Gymnast, and is still an avid gymnastics fanatic.

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