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Hurricane Isaac Preparedness

In case your Twitter and Facebook news feeds haven’t been blown up by the news, Hurricane Isaac is quickly approaching the Louisiana coastline. As of Monday morning, a hurricane warning has been issued just east of Morgan City, La (including the New Orleans area) and extends to Destin, Fla. Predictions state that Hurricane Isaac should make landfall late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning as a Category 2 hurricane according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami. A Category 2 hurricane is described as having extremely dangerous winds that will cause extensive damage with sustained winds of 96-110 miles per hour. Wikipedia states the following:

Storms of Category 2 intensity damage some roofing material and inflict damage upon poorly constructed doors and windows. Vegetation, poorly constructed signs, and piers can receive considerable damage. Mobile homes, whether anchored or not, are typically damaged, and many manufactured homes also suffer structural damage. Small craft in unprotected anchorages may break their moorings. Extensive to near-total power outages and scattered loss of potable water are likely, possibly lasting many days.

The National Hurricane Center and The Weather Channel both have interactive maps tracking the hurricane, and they show the different models agencies are using to forecast the storms path; you can find them here  and here respectively.

We thought we’d go over a few quick tips on how to get prepared for Isaac. One of the first things you probably realized on your way to work is the long line at the pumps. We recommend getting a full tank of gas in case you need to make a last minute evacuation. Some gas stations are already reporting fuel outages, so try and beat the last-minute rush if you can.

Once you get your fuel situation sorted, you’ll need to worry about basic survival supplies: water bottles, flashlights (with spare batteries), non-perishables, cash, etc. A cool tip is to freeze your water bottles over night and when the power goes out, throw them in the fridge. The more cold things you have in your fridge/freezer, the colder everything will stay over time. You’ll obviously want to minimize the amount of time you open your refrigerator as well. PROTIP: if you’re a techie like us, charge all of your gadgets ahead of time so you’ll have something to keep you occupied if the power goes out!

Here are a few more links to help you get prepared for the storm:

We hope every one of you takes the proper precautions when dealing with Hurricane Isaac. We’ll keep our Twitter feed updated for our clients letting you know how our office hours this week will be affected due to the storm. From the crew here at Drift, please bunker down and stay safe!

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