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You may not always have the right words to say, but you know the right words to write. You know the standards of AP style—and when to throw the stylebook out the window. You have been called the grammar police at least twice in your life. If this sounds like you, you might be a good fit for our copywriter position.

As a copywriter at Catapult, you’ll work closely with designers, senior creatives and clients to produce clear, conceptual copy in every medium. This may include website content, blog posts, white papers, print ads, collateral, taglines, videos and more.

You will also learn about and implement online advertising campaigns using the latest techniques. You will learn how to build, deploy and maintain Google Adwords and Bing advertising campaigns as well as those on Facebook and other Social Media platforms. The best candidates for this position will embrace new technologies and processes.


  • Possesses a bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Advertising or other related field.
  • Has previous professional writing experience, whether for class credit or cash money.
  • Is experienced writing in AP Style or is willing learn and adapt to it quickly
  • Writes clear, insightful copy for any medium
  • Has the writing samples to back it up
  • Has the stamina to write multiple pages of copy daily
  • Can proofread and edit copy with flawless aplomb
  • Would never use the word “aplomb” in anything except a novel (or a job posting)
  • Plays well in a team environment

About the Company

Catapult Creative Media’s array of services and products provide businesses with everything they need to grow their business, talk directly to their customers, and meet their company’s goals. As an advertising company, we sell unique and technology-driven services that businesses love to use to get more business of their own. As part of the Catapult team, you will enjoy generous compensation and rewarding career growth.

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