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Make Sure Your Logo Design Includes these Elements or Risk Your Company’s Image

Logo designs are an artistic representation of a business. Some business owners believe it is one of the most important aspects of running a successful company.

Logos should be designed to last. While it is easy to get swept up in the latest trend or to get carried away when you are coming up with logo designs, you’ll want a logo that won’t be outdated quickly. The best approach to designing a logo is to keep it simple, relevant, and scalable.

Logos are Short, Sweet, and to the PointApple has a simple logo design.

If you look at the logos of successful businesses like Apple, McDonald’s, and Amazon, you’ll notice they all have one thing in common: a simple logo.

Logo designs should be clean and simple. People must be able to glance at a logo and know the company name and an idea of what sort of business it provides.

An intricate logo may stand out from the competition, but it may not be a logo that the target audience will remember. The logo design should be memorable.

People Judge a Business by its Logo

Font style for logo design

More than likely, the first business that came to mind after looking at that font was not a law firm or doctor’s office. Quirky, playful calligraphy on a logo may catch a person’s attention, but will it attract your targeted audience?

A big mistake companies face is trying to make their logo designs trendy or edgy to grab the audience’s attention. This tactic tends to backfire. The attention-grabbing logo could be perceived as an impersonal attempt to attract business, which does not help establish a good reputation.

Logo designs are all about how you want your company to be perceived. Make your logo relevant to your company to make it stand out and appear more personable.

A relevant logo is a memorable logo. It is important to decide what you want your audience to think about when your logo comes to mind.

All the elements in your logo should be relevant to the tone of your business and the services you provide. From calligraphy size to color, your logo must make a lasting impression on the intended audience.

Adding Colors to a LogoColor wheel for choosing logo colors

Colors set the emotional tone for a company. The colors in your company’s logo will unconsciously evoke an emotional sense in your audience and how they perceive your company.

For example, a company that wants to be perceived as environmentally friendly would likely use earthy tones in their logo such as green, brown, or yellow.

Colors can add a lot of personality to a logo, but it is best not to rely solely on colors in your design. Even large corporations have made the mistake of dropping large sums of money on a colorful logo design that ended up not converting well in grayscale.

Grayscale is the black and white version of your logo that may seem old-fashioned but is still widely used. Organizations print in black and white to save money on ink, or to make logo designs stand out on colored or translucent promotional items such as water bottles and baseball caps.

Making a Logo Scalable

In the age of digital media, a good logo must be versatile and scalable. If a logo works on a computer screen, but not on a mobile screen, your design is not scalable.

If a business has a logo design as detailed as a fingerprint, that image will lose some of its creative touch when it is blown up or scaled down.

A design should look the same whether it is blown up or scaled down. This is important when you are creating a logo that will be seen on several platforms. In other words, make the logo adaptable. Logos that contain a lot of detail are more difficult to scale and transfer onto a different platform.

At Catapult, we keep these elements in mind when creating your business’s ideal logo to make sure you stand out from the competition, and we do it without breaking your budget. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 225-590-3310. Your business and your wallet will thank you for it.

Ashley Boudreaux is a senior at Louisiana State University. She is currently studying Mass Communication and French. In her free time, Ashley enjoys visiting petting zoos and climbing trees.

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