Motivation Monday: Don’t count the days, make the days count.

When you become content with the work that you are doing it is easy to fall into a lull. Instead of going above and beyond you do the same and produce the “average” day in and day out.

It’s best for yourself as well as your company to go the extra mile. Though it may not seem necessary to you at the time, doing a little more can benefit you in the end. Whether it’s starting an article ahead of schedule, or reaching out and assisting a coworker with an assignment, you may be amazed at how much you can accomplish. Taking that extra step to get ahead and help others, even though it may not be the same work you are used to doing, can give a sense of achievement, your coworkers will also be appreciative of your help. Being ahead of the curve with your tasks in the work place is always beneficial, and improved relationships with coworkers could even lead to them helping you out later on.

In addition to those benefits, developing a work ethic where you work a little bit harder will make you stand out among others. Your supervisors and bosses will generally take note of all that you do, which could lead to promotions, raises, and other types of advances. So make the days count this #motivationmonday by putting in a little extra effort.

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