Motivation Monday: Don’t Wait for Opportunity. Create It.

You’ve seen it in the movies. Someone of status spots an up and coming business and bestows the opportunity of a lifetime to the company. This fantastical scenario emphasizes the one in a million deal but scenario is not grounded in reality. As a company, sitting and waiting to be jump-started by a rich beneficiary can harm you more than help. An idle business does not sell products, pay bills, or grow.

However, that does not mean your ideas are unworthy of notoriety; it just takes a considerable amount of effort to make a mark in your field. Explore new venues and roads to expand your business by networking with old and new businesses or applying for a loan that can rocket your ideas into fruition. If there is not a path available, or even a clear place to start, create your own. New opportunities can give you an area to pioneer and allow you to find your niche in the corporate circle.

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