Motivation Monday: Go for the Great

Too often in our personal and professional lives, we seek the comfort of stability and repetition. While these are certainly not negative aspects of life by any means, they can often hinder us from knowing what we are truly capable of achieving. We respect the work and effort we’ve had to put in to get us to this point in our lives, so why chance losing that success over something that isn’t a guarantee?

Because it’s worth it. Life has a funny way of showing us that it always sorts itself out one way or another. Sometimes it’s not about making the right decision, but rather about making a decision and then making it right. This certainly doesn’t mean making an uninformed, impulsive decision is the way to find something better. The key lies in not being afraid to chase better, even though the illusion of good seems to be enough at the moment.

On this #motivationmonday, go for the great. Pursue that daunting client, or seek out that dream position. Let go of that restricting mindset of constancy and chase after what truly brings you joy. In the end, you will be a happier person in all aspects of your life, and you may even surprise yourself with what you are capable of along the way.

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