Motivation Monday: It’s About Making Time

Time. It’s something businesses are constantly saying there isn’t enough of, but that’s not really the case. It’s not about having time. It’s about making time.

In your business, it’s important to set specific time frames and stick to them. Encourage your employees to adhere to time frames for their projects as well. Don’t allow yourself to spend too much time on smaller tasks that do nothing to drive business forward. Instead, focus on the end product and spend the most time on projects that will not only bring in more profit, but that also make your employees feel like they are doing meaningful work.

Delegate tasks evenly between employees so there is an equal division of work. This will prevent some of your employees from not having anything to do and will prevent others from feeling like they are buried under loads of work. Splitting up workloads will create more time for everyone to work toward the same goal instead of someone having nothing to do and others overburdened.

Making time for progressive projects is easier when work is divided evenly and you aren’t relying on a few certain people who have limits on what they can handle. With delegated work, everyone can evenly divide time and move forward together while also preventing anything from sitting on the back burner. Make time by delegating and working together as a whole.






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