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Motivation Monday: People Buy Why You Do It

People buy why, not what, you do.

“Why should I care?” Is a common response people often have when they are introduced to a new product being sold. If you are the one selling the product you need to answer this question carefully.

The golden circle of human motivation, proposed by Simon Sinek, suggests that you should start by explaining why the product is important to the consumer than how it works or what it does. Explaining why appeals to the emotional nature of the consumer and is often the deciding factor on whether or not they will buy. A company may dangle a fantastic product in front of a customer face, but without the proper motivation they will neither understand nor care. Ultimately the company may lose the sale.

Consumers who really resonate with the “why” of a product are those who will overcome any obstacle to make the purchase and they are those who will help your product gain mass appeal.

Never assume a product will be a bestseller due to what it is or how it works. The buyers you initially want to connect with will be motivated primarily by the “why” of the product.

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