Motivation Monday: It Seems Impossible Until it’s Done


It’s that voice inside your head saying that you can’t do it. You will never get that promotion. That client will never pick you. It’s impossible to succeed in this crazy, fast-moving and super competitive world. It’s that evil voice of doubt telling you that success is impossible.

Nearly everyone has doubts in business and in life. What’s important is not letting these doubts dictate the choices you make. Every step of the way may feel like a failure, but when the project is done or when the client is secured, you will realize the impossible wasn’t quite as impossible as you originally thought. The work may seem stressful at times and completely unmanageable, but if you keep pushing through, success is sure to follow. And if it doesn’t, that only gives you more chances to learn from your failures.

So on this #motivationmonday remember that nothing is truly impossible. Keep pushing through and you will see how many great things you can do. It may seem impossible now, but just wait until it’s done!


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