Protect Your Rep

Everybody has something to say about your business; your neighbor, your mom, your competitor, and most importantly, your customer. The problem is, all those people put in their two cents in different places. While your mom may tell you something in person, your customer may leave you a comment on Google, Facebook, or Yelp, or just email you directly.

Don’t go pulling your hair out just yet though, we’ve got a way to make it all easier for you.

Online Reputation Management

With online reviews being trusted just a much as word-of-mouth anymore, keeping your reputation spotless is not a joke. Our sister company, Kydos!, offers online reputation management to keep your review sections filled with positive vibes.

From getting your company listed on more than 40 review platforms such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook to providing you with a dashboard to manage all reviews from one location, Kydos! is your go-to in online reputation management.

Kydos makes all the difference

We offer you the option to subscribe to the Kydos! platform and manage your brand online. With a Catapult constructed website as your base and Kydos! for a lookout, your company will stand tall in your market at all times.