RB Chopblock.com New Website Online!

(www.rbchopblock.com) Randy Barnes makes gorgeous chopblocks and cutting boards.

That was our first thought when we met with Randy a few weeks ago. He had contacted us regarding a new website and we went out to meet with him at his workshop. We got to see all the different types of cutting boards and chopblocks he makes, various culinary trophies used in festivals and cook-offs around the country and some really cool large scale projects he is working on. He wanted a website where he could direct his customers to view the different products available and create an interactive environment. He also wanted to display current projects and start a Recipe of the Month contest.

Randy’s work is all handcrafted and hand glued. This means that each one of his chopblocks or cutting boards is made with painstaking care and has a lifetime guarentee on it. He chuckled when we asked how long they usually last. “These things will outlive me” he joked, and continued on about how they, with care, will become heirlooms for the family that purchased them. If they happen to split or get damaged (other than putting them in the dishwasher) he will promptly replace the item.

We set about designing and building a website with a fun, relaxed feel. We wanted his viewers to enjoy being on the site, without feeling like they stumbled into a “company website”. RBChopblock.com is about community and people who enjoy cooking or high quality kitchen items. We also set up a blog for the site. Randy himself often attends Regional cook-offs and we knew it would be a fun way to keep his viewers up-to-date with his travels, as well as archiving Recipe of the Month winners and his latest projects.

The new rbchopblock.com
The new rbchopblock.com

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