Tailgating – An LSU Tradition



lsu tailgate


Here at Drift we love LSU sports, even more we love a good tailgate! That got us thinking…what is the history behind tailgating? When did it all begin? Well we found the answer. According to the American Tailgaters Association, tailgating can we traced back to 1861 and the Battle of Bull Run. During the battle supporters showed up to cheer on their soldiers while snacking on food. Tailgating came to football in 1869 during the inaugural intercollegiate football game between Princeton and Rutgers. It was during this game that tailgaters began to wear the colors of their teams to be able to differentiate themselves from their rivals. Now, almost 150 years later, tailgating has become a tradition, especially among LSU fans. According to LSU fans, they realize they may not have invented tailgating, but they have perfected it. Because of this tradition, Drift will be hosting a tailgate this weekend at the LSU vs. Auburn game. We are excited to join our fellow LSU fans and carry on a tradition. We will have it all – jambalaya, beer, tailgating games and so much more. We are even bringing awesome Koozies to give away. So make sure you stop by our tailgate (we’ll be on the parade grounds..look for the Drift Web Design banner) and celebrate LSU game day with us!


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