Think creatively.

Work can get pretty redundant. You may feel like you have the same exact schedule in the office as soon as you get there each day. 8:07 you check your e-mail while your coffee is brewing. 9:20 you send out an e-mail blast to clients with upcoming important dates. 12:34 rolls around and you go to lunch. Well, this week, we want you to break up with redundancy, and put some excitement back into your days at the office. Here’s how:

This #MotivationMonday, we’re going to challenge you to think outside of the box. Look at your business, your business model and your processes. How can you change these things up to make them better? It could be something simple like instead of sending e-mails thanking your clients for their business, you send a hand written thank you card in the mail to them. Or it could be something more complex like creating an educational video on your business’ processes or technical jargon used. You can make the video informative, but also attention grabbing so those who watch it, won’t want to stop watching. You could post the video on all forms of social media your business has. This will not only break up the monotony of your work day, but it will be a valuable resource to others, and your followers on social media will think of you as a leader in the industry. Pretty cool, right?

These are just some of the many things you can do to break up the redundancies that can take place in your company. Think creatively, and think outside of the box. Just by taking a few minutes to brainstorm, you could come up with lots of creative ideas for your workplace. These ideas will do nothing but enhance your business to be all that it can be.

So, do you accept our challenge to think creative this #MotivationMonday? The choice is yours.


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