Motivation Monday: Use Time Creatively to do What is Right

On this Martin Luther King Day we celebrate his wise words and look to use time to work toward and support what is right.

Dr. King believed good people had to work for the progress they wanted and that it did not just happen on its own. Furthermore, he believed that the time for action is now, as time tends to side with those who are happy with the unjust status quo. If those among us of good will do not support what is right and act upon it now, then those of ill will win by default. We must stand as he did for what is right, and we must remember to not sit in silence while evil is being done.

On this #motivationmonday, remember that your business has a voice and that it can be used to support what is right. Take a stand and lend your company’s voice to the advancement of humanity. Use the time you have to support something worthwhile and lead others in a progressive direction. For today’s #motivationmonday, take action.

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