What’s New at Drift!

driftnetflixHello folks! We’re off to another great start to the week over here at Drift. Although it seems we have been on a little hiatus, we are definitely here and definitely WORKING! What’s been going on around the office you might ask? Let’s take a peep in and see……

Well our design team is doing what they do best—yep you guessed it…DESIGNING! With around 10 websites underway they are surely are not missing a beat.  Also, since our last post we’ve had some wonderful additions to the team. To top off all this in-house awesomeness we have a cool promotion going on that can benefit you. We are giving away a FREE IPAD2! Yep you read right.  Just how can you go about winning this? Very simple – like us on Facebook and tell you friends and family to do so as well by October 31st. If we reach 2,000 likes by then all names, including businesses, will be entered for a drawing to win! Be on the lookout for our quote of the week, better known as “drift-isms” via Twitter from the mouths of our own staff channeling their inner Socrates! Until next time…

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